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Hello, my name is Roy Caswell and I live in England. I am a retired physics teacher.

My hobbies are tennis, table tennis, astronomy (especially alternative cosmologies) and genealogy and novel spiritual/religious ideas.



Big Bang or Big Illusion ?

A personal quest to study possible alternative scenarios to the big bang model of the universe. Based on part of a talk given to local astronomical societies.

An alternative galaxy model

Are spiral galaxies really dying objects from a 'Big Bang' or are they enormous self regenerating double ended pinwheels?

Is God the Universe ?

A personal view based on a search to reconcile the Bible with scientific knowledge. A complete modern alternative interpretation of the book of Revelation. When Google computers decided that this no longer existed, I decided that it should go into print. The title page now appears to be back in Google.

Now in print ISBN10: 0-7414-6114-5; ISBN13: 978-0-7414-6114-8. Can be found at under religion/general or at by following this link)

Known error on some early copies: The last complete sentence at the foot of page 34 - should say "In the core, helium now undergoes fusion and lithium is formed, which is the next heaviest element and so on."

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