Is God the Universe?

Revelation Revealed

This is important because if this interpretation of the book of Revelation is correct, then it proves that there is a higher intelligence at work whatever term you use, God or Universe. There is no way whatsoever, that John could have known what he did about how the Universe works and the Earth's lifetime within it without this knowledge that he encoded in the book of Revelation.

Introduction from the book.

This book explores the notion that the terms God and Universe may well be synonymous with each other. In other words God did not create the Universe because the Universe is God in action. This accidental interpretation changes the way the Bible reads, in my case for the better. It also leads to a novel and new interpretation of the book of Revelation, revealed as a cyclic set of stories that parallel the whole of the Earth or World History.

There have been many who have their own interpretation or explanation of the book of Revelation. I personally cannot understand many of them. It drove Isaac Newton insane puzzling over it. The reason may be, that there were a few pieces of advanced technology and advanced science missing. These were yet to be discovered to make full sense of it. John wrote this on the visitation of an angel of Jesus while on Patmos Island. The churches were splitting in different directions. People were being imprisoned and unfairly persecuted in the name of religion. The only chance of repairing the damage would be to wait until we were technologically advanced, mature and enlightened enough to be able to understand it. That time may be now.

This interpretation of the Book of Revelation appears to fit well with scientific knowledge. The double-edged sword from the mouth of Jesus and the secret little scroll, tell us that some people, such as scientists, who want to believe in God but are disillusioned, may find what they discover here as sweet as honey in the mouth. They may have their faith restored. For others it will turn their stomach sour. These are the ones who have a fixed preconceived idea of Biblical interpretation, which nothing must change. If you are happy with your faith and it must not change, put this book down. If you do proceed, then expect your stomach to churn, pleasantly I hope. Start at Chapter 7 if you want. You can always dip in and out later. Just to reassure you, there is still a God in fact more relevant than you imagine. There is still a heaven. The deceased are still alive. The Bible is a holy book. The world will not end for absolutely ages. The only difference is that the Bible may read a little differently after. Try a little test. Read through the book of the prophet Joel in the Old Testament; it's short. Try and work out what its talking about. If you read "Is God the Universe?" it may be different afterwards. You may see it in a different way. People have always thought that Revelation was something to do with and relevant to Biblical times. This alternative interpretation puts a different light on it. In this interpretation, it has little to do with Biblical times, but covers a much greater expanse of time. Remember, if you have fixed religious ideas that must not change, DO NOT BUY!

This was uploaded to the Internet for the very first time on 28th February 2004. Thanks to the pupils of St. James's School for igniting the spark, to Granville Harrison for swapping the ideas around in my head and to the written spiritual inspiration of Saint John. The whole thing is dedicated to all the sentient animals that have suffered needlessly at the hands of humankind.

My name is Roy Caswell.During the 70's I studied spiritualistic clairvoyance for 4 years at the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain but never put it fully into practice due to career relocation. During the 80's I studied Astrophysics at the University of London and was awarded an honours degree. It would appear that these two seemingly diverse studies have given me a slightly different view of science and religion than some. I now see the Bible as an early guide to how the Universe/God works.


Chapter 1 - Visualising God Our mental picture of God and its faults – The apparent contradiction between science and religion – A simple shift of thought solves the problem - The gifted ones and their visions - clairvoyance and its interpretation problems - scientific studies of the brain.

Chapter 2 - The what to believe problem The conflict within different belief systems – The repression or changing of ideas deliberately or by accident.

Chapter 3 - The almighty power of the Universe The almighty power of the Universe – star & planet building - consciousness – The Spirit; Almighty God? Is it the correct term? Prayer may work, but not in the way we expect.

Chapter 4 - The Creation The creation of the Earth – The time problem – Our standpoint in space – The seven stages of Creation - Why the sun, moon & stars appeared on day 4.

Chapter 5 - Where is heaven? Where is heaven? – Hidden dimensions – The missing mass problem.

Chapter 6 - The fly in the ointment The red shift –the background radiation – an apparently expanding Universe with a beginning and an end - the add ons – God does not change.

Chapter 7 - Revelation The end of the age – this is not the end of the world – the signs of the end of the age – Revelation and the horsemen of the apocalypse - the very long period of peace on Earth.

Chapter 8 - The defeat of the beast Revelation? - What’s it on about? – there is no Antichrist - the clues – number coincidences – genetics - the three beasts who depend on each other for their effect - a striking parallel with genes – defeat of the beast whose number is 666.

Chapter 9 - Return to Eden Visions of the millennium.

Chapter 10 - The end of the world The Bible’s description – what we know from science – the sun’s lifetime – the red giant stage - The description of Jesus + Revelation - there is no sea.

Chapter 11 - The new Earth The new Earth – current progress in finding planets around other stars – the path of stars in the Galaxy - the future – the chosen ones – why no night time? Back to the present.

Chapter 12 - Revelation Revealed A complete alternative reinterpretation of Revelation based on science. The trick to its construction. The cyclic pattern where all the key features and key words appear in the same place.

Appendix 1 Revelation Chapter 6 onwards coded with formatting effects for ease of seeing the cyclic pattern.

Appendix 2 A modern parable.

Appendix 3 An alternative cosmological model.

Appendix 4The seven ages of man by William Shakespeare.

Acknowledgements and further reading.

Now in print ISBN10: 0-7414-6114-5; ISBN13: 978-0-7414-6114-8. Can be found at under religion/general or at by following this link

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