Big Bang or Big Illusion?

An alternative cosmology to the big bang model of the universe in which the background radiation is the energy lost from all electromagnetic radiation due to quantum effects. This causes the red shift. It predicts the illusion of an expanding universe which appears to expand faster in our own locality in line which supernova research.

The big bang model of the universe has become the mainstay of cosmology. However, there is room for doubt.  Could it all be an illusion? All new discoveries have to be explained within the big bang framework. Its two main pillars of support are the redshift and the microwave background radiation. There are other struts of support, such as the 25% helium abundance and quasars which appear to mainly exist at great cosmological distances. The apparent expansion leads us to envisage a point around 1.2x10^26m away where due to the expansion of space, that region appears to be moving away at the speed of light.  A sphere of the above radius defines our observable universe. Any information from beyond this sphere could never reach us.

Since the universe appears to be expanding then it must have had a beginning, a creation, somewhere between 10-18 billion years ago. It will therefore have an end, by expanding and fizzling out, or by collapsing back in on itself. The big bang's predecessor, the steady state model also allowed for the expansion of space. Hydrogen was continually created from nowhere to maintain the status quo.

We are going to think the unthinkable, that the universe is not expanding, but only looks as if it is.  The universe must be an eternal structure.  It is under dynamic equilibrium with itself for all eternity. It also contains the natural mechanisms necessary to maintain it.

Are spiral galaxies really dying remnants of a big bang or are they giant double-ended pinwheels?


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