Bolton & District Pub Guide

We have visited every public house in Bolton & District. This list contains the brews on sale, car parking and our own up market/down market code.

Code: Car Parking, Large (L), Medium (M), Small (S), None (N). The code number is not a quality number or anything to do with the beer. It refers to the type of pub. e.g. if going out for a meal or wanting plush surroundings choose a higher number. More down to earth or a night out with the lads, choose a lower number.

By Roy Caswell, Ralph Sherrington & Chris Gerrard

Date of last visit
17-Jul-15 Ainsworth Arms, Halliwell Rd N10 Dunscar Brewery Real Ales + Many Guest Real ales
06-May-15 Albion, Moor Lane N7 Tetley; John Smiths & a couple og guest real ales
29-May-15 Alma Inn, Bradshawgate N4 A number of real ales
29-May-15 Balmoral Hotel,Bradshawgate N6 John Smiths & guest real ale
13-Jul-15 Bank Top Tap, 8 Belmont Rd N8 A multitude of Bank Top real ales & guests
19-Jun-15 Barristers, Bradshawgate N8 Tetley & numerous real ales
27-May-16 Barnstormers, Lostock L7 & A variety of guest Real Ales.
08-Jan-16 Baye Mare, 651 Blackburn Rd N8 Matthew Brown;Theakstons; John
Smiths & guest real ales
29-Jul-16 Beaumont Arms; Armadale Rd M8 Tetley & Worthingtons + 2 real ales
19-Feb-16 Black Bull, Belmont S8 John Smiths & a selection of real ales
19-Feb-16 Black Dog, Belmont S7 Holts
26-Aug-16 Black Horse, 378 Bury Rd N8 Boddingtons; J Smiths
15 May 15 Blue Boar Hotel, Deansgate N5 Boddingtons; John Smiths & guest real ale
13-Feb-15 Bobs Smithy Inn, Chorley Old Rd L10 Numerous Guest Ales
04-Mar-16 Bolton Castle, Tonge Moor Rd S4 Holts Real Ale
10-Jun-14 Bowling Green, Bury Rd S5 John Smiths + Theakstons Mild
12-Feb-16 Brass Cat, Churchgate N5 John Smiths & Tetley
15-Jan-16 Brew House, 987 Blackburn Rd N8 Own Brewery Real Ales
30-Sep-16 Brooklyn Hotel, Green Lane L8 Holts
02-Sep-16 Bunburies, Chorley Old Rd N6 3 real ales; v small pub
30-Oct-15 Claremont, Halliwell Rd,N8 John Smiths; Tetley
04-Nov-16 Colliers Arms, 1051 Chorley Old Rd N7 John Smiths
30-Oct-15 Cotton Tree M6 Banks
11-Jul-15 Craven Heiffer, Blackburn Rd N7 John Smiths; Boddingtons & Craven
31-Jan-15 Crofters Arms, 494 Halliwell Rd N7 Tetley; John Smiths
26-Aug-16 Doffcocker Inn, Chorley Old Rd L8 Holts Real Ale
07-Mar-14 Duke of Wellington, Lostock L8 Tetley; Worthington & a couple of Real Ales
05-Jun-15 Elephant and Castle Deansgate N& John Smiths and a variety of real ales
05-Aug-16 Farmers Arms, 357 Radcliffe Rd L9 John Smiths & guest Real Ales.
29-Jul-16 Finishers Arms, 487 Church Rd N8 Boddingtons; John Smiths & 5 Guest Real Ales
05-Feb-16 Flag Inn, Hardmans Lane, Bromley Cross S8 A multitude of Real Ales
19-Jun-15 Flying Flute, Bradshawgate N7 Boddingtons & 2 real ales
01-May-16 Founders Arms, 18 Georges St N3 Tetley & John Smiths
17-Jul-15 The Stork Tavern, 548 Halliwell Rd N8 Tetley; Thwaites & a variety of real ales
28-Oct-16 Gilnow Arms, Dean Rd N7 Tetley; Boddingtons
11-Mar-16 Grey Mare Inn, 154 Tottington Rd N6 Boddintons; Stones & guest real ale
26-Jun-15 Greyhound, Deansgate N3 Caffries; Boddingtons; Worthingtons
26-Jun-15 Griffin Inn, 43, Gt. Moor St N6 Boddingtons, John Smiths & Youngs
11-Nov-16 Hen & Chicken, Deansgate N7 Various real ales - expensive
19-Aug-16 Henighans (bottom bull), Bury Rd S8, Stones; John Smiths; Caffreys
12-Jun-15 Hogarths, Churchgate N8 J Smiths & a nymber of real ales
20-Mar-15 Hope & Anchor Inn, 747 Chorley Old Rd S5 Tim Taylor; Landlord; Tetley & Lees real ales + guest
04-Mar-16 House Without a Name, 75 Lea Gate N7 Various real ales
04-Apr-14 Hulton Arms, Four Lane Ends M7 John Smiths; Theakstons & Real Ale
15-Feb-16 Jolly Crofters, Chorley Old Rd L9 John Smiths & 2 real ales; Expensive
15-Sep-16 Kings Head, Junction Rd L9 Tetley; Bombadeer & Bank Top Real Ale
11-Sep-15 Lamb Hotel, 455 Blackburn Rd N8 John Smiths; Tetley
31-Jul-15 Last Orders, Halliwell Rd N6 John Smiths; Tetley
16-Aug-16 Lever Arms Hotel, Top o'th Lane, Darcy Lever L8 Boddingtons; Whitbread; 2 Real Ale Ales
26-Oct 13 Lion of Vienna , 158 Chorley New Rd L7 Samuel Smiths Real Ale
18-Nov-16 Little John, Lever St N5 Tetley; Boddingtons
26-Feb-16 Lord Clyde, 107 Folds Rd S2 Walkers; Tetley
08-Aug-15 Lord Raglan, Halliwell Rd, N7 John Smiths; Tetley
12-Jun-15 Man & Scythe, Churchgate N7 Numerous Real Ales
15-Jan-16 Masons Arms, Blackburn Rd, Egerton N7 Theakstons; John Smiths; Variety of guest real ales
05-Jun15 Millstone, 12 Crown St N8 Holts
30-Sep-16 Morris Dancers, Morris Green Lane S7 Walkers; Tetley
13-Dec-13 Mosley Arms, 117 Red Lane M8 Holts Real Ale
07-Oct-16 Nelson Hotel, 30 Chorley Old Rd N4 Tetley
23-Sep-16 Oddfellows Arms Hotel, 140 St. Helen's Rd N4 John Smiths; Teley
18-Nov-16 Old Three Crowns Hotel, 14 Deansgate N7 John Smiths; Theakstons & a variety of real ales
23-Sep-16 Park, 259 Bridgeman St N6 John Smiths
08-Jan-15 Pineapple Inn, 562 Blackburn Rd N6 John Smiths; Worthingtons
02-Sep-16 Queen Anne, Junction Rd, L7 Tetley; John Smiths & Real Ales
18-Nov-16 Queen Elizabeth, 230 Fletcher St N5 John Smiths; Boddingtons
19-Aug-16 Queen's Hotel, Bradley lane L8 Thwaites & Two Real Ales
25-Jan-08 Railway Hotel, 37 Chapeltown Rd, Bromley X N9 Theakstons; John Smiths
04-Apr-14 Red Lion, 1/3 Salford Rd L9 Tetley; John Smiths + a Real Ale
12-Feb-16 Royal Hotel, Vernon St N6 Tetley; John Smiths
11-Mar-16 Seven Stars Hotel, 157 Lea Gate N7 Boddingtons; Worthington; John Smiths & guest Real Ale
06-Jul-15 Spinning Mule, Nelson Square N8 Numerous Guest & Real Ales
29-Jan-16 Sportsman Hotel, Darwen Rd N7 Thwaites & Real Ales
05-Feb-16 Spread Eagle Hotel, Hough Lane N8 Boddingtons; John Smiths; Guest Real Ales
01-May-15 Star & Garter, Bow St N5 John Smiths & a guest real ale
26-Feb-16 Starkie Arms Tonge Moor Rd L4 John Smiths; Tetley
20-May-15 Sweet Green Tavern, 127 Crook St S7 Tetley; John Smith & guest real ales
12-Aug-16 Tansy Green, Brodrick Drive L7 John Smiths; Theakstons
04-Nov-16 Tempest Arms, 1110 Chorley Old Rd L5 John Smiths & Theakstons Mild
29-Jan-16 Thomas Egerton, 272 Blackburn Rd L10 Worthingtons; A variety of Real Ales
22-Jul-16 Victoria Inn, Markland Hill L10 A variety of Real Ales
28-Mar-14 Victory, 151 Chorley Old Rd N6 John Smiths; Boddingtons
05-Aug-16 Volunteer Inn, 276 Radcliffe Rd M8 Holts Real Ale
02-Sep-16 Vulcan Inn, 10 Junction Rd N7 Tetley; John Smiths
07-Aug-15 Weavers Arms, 8 Brunel St S5 John Smiths; Theakston & 1 or 2 Real Ales
19-Oct-07 Wellington Hotel, 51 Bury New Rd N7 Boddingtons; Tetley; John Smiths
06-Dec-13 White Horse Inn, Stitch-Mi-Lane L9 Tetley; John Smiths + Bombadier Real Ale
26-Jun-15 Yates Wine Lodge, 36 Bradshawgate N7 John Smiths & a slection of cheap real ales
20-Mar-15 York Hotel, 112 Newport St N7 Marstons; John Smiths & a couple of guest real ales


06-May-16 Duke William S8 2 or 3 Real Ales
06-May-16 Old White Horse N8 Boddingtons; John Smiths + 2 real ales
13-May-16 Rose & Crown L10 Green King & a variety of other Real Ales
13-May-16 Black Bull N8 Thwaites + other Real Ales

27-May-16 The Poacher M9 A variety of Real Ales
20-May-16 Red Lion S6 John Smiths; Boddingtons, Theakston mild
20-May-16 Hero's Bar N5 John Smiths & a couple of real ales

19-Dec-16 The Black Horse, Higher Market St,N9, John Smiths; Theakstons + one real ale
25-Nov-16 Bradford Arms, Buckley Lane M7 Boddingtons; John Smiths
25-Nov-16 Bridgewater, Buckley Lane N3 Sam Smiths Real Ale
13-Jan-16 Britannia Inn, 32-34 King St N6 John Smiths; Boddingtons + guest real ale
23-Dec-16 Church Hotel, Church Rd, N4 John Smiths; Youngers
20-Jan-17 Grapes Inn, 12 Mossfield Road BL4 0AB S6 Thwaites
20-Jan-17 Kings Arms, Mossfield Road N8 A very good selection of real ales
16-Dec-16 Market Hotel, Brackley St N6 John Smiths; Worthingtons; Tetley
19-Dec-16 Old Three Crowns, Higher Market St N6 Boddingtons; John Smiths; Caffreys
16-Dec-16 Post Office, Market St N6 Thwaites; Caffreys
06-Jan-17 Railway, Egerton St N7 Joseph Holts Real Ale
13-Jan-17 Royal, 147Albert Rd BL4 9HE N7 Thwaites; Tetley
06-Jan-17 Shakespeare, Albert Rd S6 Tetley; John Smiths + guest real ale
23-Dec-16 Wellington, 56 Market St N8 Boddingtons; John Smiths; Worthingtons

13–Feb-15 Ale House N9 A variety of Bank Top Real Ales + guests
Black Bull S8 Greenalls; Stones
06 Mar-15 Bowling Green N7 Tetley; A variety of Real Ales
20-Feb-15 Bridge Inn N5 John Smiths; Boddingtons & 2 guest real
13-Mar-15 Crown, Chorley New Rd, M6 Holts & other Real Ales
06-Mar-14 Original Bay Horse, 206 Lee Lane, N7 John Smiths & a variety of real ales
27-Feb-15 Saddle, Lee Lane N9 Jon Smiths; Tetley & other guest Real Ale
20-Feb-15 Sam's Bar N6 Sam's; Tetley; Boddingtons; Worthingtons
13-Mar-15 Toll Bar N7 Boddintons; Jon Smiths; Tetley
22-Dec-15 Victoria & Albert Arms N6 Elland Brewers + guest

27-Jan-17 Moss Rose, 1 Manchester Rd M7 John Smiths; Worthingtons
03-Feb-17 Spread Eagle, 313 Manchester Rd, N7 Worthingtons; Boddingtons
03-Feb-17 Unity Brook, Manchester Rd L7 John Smiths; Boddingtons; Tetley
27-Jan-17 White Horse, Bolton Rd S5 John Smiths; Boddingtons; Caffreys

*Little Lever
21-Jan-15 Canary Tavern, High St N5 John Smiths; Thwaites
21-Jan-15 Henighans, Lever St S8 Tetley; John Smiths; Worthingtons; Bank Top Real Ale
22-Oct-15 Jolley Carter L8 Whitbread; Boddingtons; Guest; Real Ale
17-Oct-15 Laural Bar N6 Tetley
18-Oct-15 New Inn S7 Boddingtons; Tetley; J Holts; Wainrights; Bank Top Real Ale
30-Jan-15 Queen Anne, High Street S6 Thwaites + guest real ale
30-Jan-15 Stopes Tavern, Staples Rd N7 Boddingtons; Tetley; Bank Top Real Ale

10-Feb-17 Grapes, Stoneclough L6 Tetley; Boddingtons; Speckled Hen Real Ale
10-Feb-17 Hare and Hounds, Stoneclough M5 Holts Real Ale; Boddingtons
24-Feb-17 The Horse Shoe, L9 A variety of Real Ales
24-Feb-17 Market St Tavern, 132 Manchester Rd S7 John Smiths; a few Real Ales

17-Jun-16 Grey Man 88-90 Hindley Rd M7 John Smiths; Worthingtons
10-Jun-16 Robert Shaw (Whetherspoons) N7 A variety od real ales
24-Jun-16 Rose & Crown, 222 Bolton Rd L8 Many Real Ales
17-Jun-16 Rose Hill Tavern, 321 Leigh Rd M8 Holts Real Ale
10-Jun-16 Victoria, 27 Market St N7 John Smiths; Youngers
14-Jun-16 Wheatchief, 106 Market St L7 John Smiths; Thwaites Real Ale
13-Jun-16 White Horse, 259 Bolton Rd L6 John Smiths; Boddingtons; Worthingtons
06-Jul-13 White Lion, Market St N6 Holts Real Ale

Please send me any changes, pubs closed, new pubs, change of brews and I will update.

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