This model of the Universe gives us one problem. That is, what is eternity? How do we visualise that?

However, look at the problems it solves:

Two objects do not separate at speeds faster than light.

We do not have to consider the creation of the Universe itself or where that apparently infinite energy and enormous mass came from in a split second.

There never was a time when there was no space or time.

The "add-ons" to make the big bang model work are not needed.

The Universe has to be dynamically balanced for all time. It is in a state of dynamic equilibrium.

The Universe always looks the same age on average, just as people do on the Earth. People are recycled and so are stars.

The large scale structure of the Universe is not a problem as there are no time restraints on its appearance.

The Galactic Generator does all the recycling having negative entropy within it. The heavier elements are broken down into the lightest and these are returned at relativistic velocities to form the spiral arms. This process produces the 25% helium abundance. A galaxy cannot become too big otherwise the velocity of ejection exceeds the escape velocity. There is a limit to the amount of matter that can congregate in one place.

The microwave radiation is not a big bang relic but formed from the energy lost by quantum electromagnetic interactions which also gives rise to the red shift. It is isotropic only in so far as all inter galactic radiation travelling in all directions is isotropic.


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