Spread sheet for galactic rotation curves.

Distance from galactic centre (m) Force at that distance (N) (mass of 2E+41kg) Hypothetical force due to universe (N) Total force (N) Total force x distance to centre Simulated speed (km/s) Traditional Keplerian force x distance to centre Simulated Keplerian speed (km/s)
0 0 6.672E-11 0 0.00E+00 0.00 0.00E+00 0.00
6E+19 3.70667E-09 6.672E-11 3.773E-09 2.26E+11 475.82 2.22E+11 471.59
1.2E+20 9.26667E-10 6.672E-11 9.934E-10 1.19E+11 345.26 1.11E+11 333.47
1.8E+20 4.11852E-10 6.672E-11 4.786E-10 8.61E+10 293.50 7.41E+10 272.27
2.4E+20 2.31667E-10 6.672E-11 2.984E-10 7.16E+10 267.61 5.56E+10 235.80
3E+20 1.48267E-10 6.672E-11 2.15E-10 6.45E+10 253.96 4.45E+10 210.90
3.6E+20 1.02963E-10 6.672E-11 1.697E-10 6.11E+10 247.16 3.71E+10 192.53
4.2E+20 7.56463E-11 6.672E-11 1.424E-10 5.98E+10 244.53 3.18E+10 178.25
4.8E+20 5.79167E-11 6.672E-11 1.246E-10 5.98E+10 244.59 2.78E+10 166.73
5.4E+20 4.57613E-11 6.672E-11 1.125E-10 6.07E+10 246.45 2.47E+10 157.20
6E+20 3.70667E-11 6.672E-11 1.038E-10 6.23E+10 249.54 2.22E+10 149.13
6.6E+20 3.06336E-11 6.672E-11 9.735E-11 6.43E+10 253.48 2.02E+10 142.19