Meadow Hill Tennis Club - RULES

1 MEMBERSHIP: The classes of membership are as follows:

Full member – full fee. Enjoy all facilities. (2.14)

Social Member – two thirds of full fee. Can play any time including club days but cannot expect league tennis unless teams are short. (2.14)

Vetted junior – half full fee (8.12.88) (no age limit for those involved in full-time education (15.2.90)) Junior/student.

Family membership – 5% discount - family members living together (3.13)

County member – half full fee (8.12.88). A new member cannot be accepted as a county member (28.9.46). County members can play at the club up to a maximum of seven times. (20.1.05). Their name and date of visit are to be entered in a book (5.47). The tournaments which are open to all members do not count as playing dates for county members (26.3.69).

Pay and Play member - Can play only if needed for a league match on payment of the match fee. (19.2.19)

All fees and sundries are determined by the AGM.

2 USE OF COURTS: The opening and closing dates of the playing season are fixed by the Executive Committee. New balls should only be put out on Saturday if required (2/98). Tennis shoes must be worn on courts; appropriate clothing must be worn at all times. Training shoes must not be worn. Smoking on courts is prohibited. Members shall not play singles when any other member is waiting. Each set shall end when one side reaches six games; no long sets are to be played if any other member is waiting. The last set of players using the courts is responsible for raising the nets and the last person, not a junior to leave the clubhouse is responsible for locking up the premises.

3 CLUB DAYS: Adults Wednesday evenings & Saturday afternoons from 2pm. Sunday afternoons for both adults and juniors, allocation of courts to be determined by the numbers of each group (12.11.80). Friday evening - open night for all members.

4 VISITORS: It is the duty of all members to make welcome member's friends. The member shall enter his own name and that of the visitor in the book provided and is responsible for the charge incurred. Visitors may not attend the club to play on more than three days in the season and may not complete in tournaments. Visitor fees are refundable if full membership is accepted (5.46).

5 ORDER OF PLAY: The first eight to arrive are to begin play. Thereafter the person at the top of the list chooses any three from the next five. Any player passed over in the first selection must play in the next game. Mixed doubles should be played wherever possible (17.11.82) Any member not wishing to play for any reason should have their name re-entered at the bottom of the list (17.11.82).

6. CLUB PROPERTY: Members are requested to take all possible care with club property. All damage done by a member must be paid for by the member. The Committee and members will not be responsible for the loss or damage to any property of members or guests upon the club premises.

7 JUNIORS: Juniors may play at all times when courts are free, except for Wednesday evening and Saturday from 2pm. However, priority is given to members and events in the following order: 1 Club days. 2 Matches. 3 Tournament games (senior or junior). 4 After 6pm seniors have priority on both courts. 5 At all other times, seniors have priority on court 1 (left) and juniors on court 2 (right). 6 When other juniors are waiting, play is restricted to one short set (or twenty minutes if not playing a set). After being vetted by the Committee, and providing they reach the required standard, Juniors may play on any occasion when adult members play. They are no longer eligible for junior tournaments. Any junior wishing to be vetted can arrange this with members of the Committee. Juniors must provide their own balls (12.11.80). The Committee has the authority to amend the playing times for juniors (7.3.73).

8 TOURNAMENTS: This shall consist of singles for both men and women plus a mixed doubles competition all to be played throughout the season (12.95) Members will be asked at the beginning of the season which competitions they wish to enter with the draw taking place as soon as possible (24.11.93). Only the first men drawn from the hat shall be entered in the mixed competition (24.11.93). It is the responsibility of the first member/couple drawn to arrange each respective match (15.2.90 & 5.12.91). Compulsory play by dates will be arranged (2.4.86 & 5.12.90). Should matches not be played by the set dates then the committee will see that they forfeit their place (2.4.86). Matches will be according to LTA rules, i.e. tie break at the end of the first two sets with the final set being played to a finish. Annual trophies will not be bought for the competitions (12.95) The winners boards must be kept up to date and maintained (8.12.88).

9 LEAGUE MATCHES: B and C teams should rotate each year at any away venue (2/98) All club members wishing to play will be registered, the cost being born by the club.
(12.2.87). When teams are selected the strongest players available should be chosen for the top teams. However, in the lowest (3.99) teams we must avoid doubling up unless it is necessary to field the team (8.12.88 & 24.11.93). To be eligible to play in the last two matches a player must have represented that team or a lower team at least three times during the season unless they are specifically needed as a reserve (24.11.93). Vetted juniors are eligible to play in all matches (7.3.68) People responsible for getting teams together are to be reimbursed for phone calls (23.3.88). Each player will be required to pay a match fee (8.3.85).

10 COURT BEHAVIOUR: Members are expected to conduct themselves correctly and courteously on court.
The LTA now require clubs to have both a Diversity & Inclusion Policy and also a Safeguarding Policy displayed at the clubhouse. We have adopted the policies in line with LTA requirements. (25.1.21)

11 MEETINGS: Members of the committee are to have set jobs (22.11.78). The minutes of all meetings are to be posted (19.2.87).

12 TABLE TENNIS: Any table tennis section is to account for its own income and expenditure. The final details are to be given to the treasurer (20.10.70).

13 GROUNDSMAN: Someone shall be employed to look after the grounds surrounding the courts (1932) for the duration of the playing season (28.9.46). Any extra jobs can be arranged by negotiation (1932+).