Appendix 2

A Modern Parable

   The kingdom of heaven can be likened to the Internet. Here visual display units (VDUs) represent an individual’s conscious interaction with the physical world. Behind the VDU is a program, which the individual was provided with at birth to operate the system. The program only has a limited lifetime after which it will self-destruct. Programs can communicate the contents of their VDU with other VDUs around in the world by physically passing on information. Sometimes this can be from one VDU to another. Other times one may pass on information to many at the same time.

   Some programs find that it is possible to affect other programs by operating behind the scenes and sending an e-mail. This sometimes works but in some cases the individual being contacted does not have a good connection to the host computer and in some cases no connection at all. This can be because they do not know about the host computer or although they have been told about it, reject the idea.

   Some copy and paste sections of other peoples programs into there own. Sometimes this makes the program run better and other times much worse.   

   Sometimes two programs work better than one. Under such circumstances, it is possible for them both to make new programs that can run effectively on their own. However, these programs although containing basic routines will need a lot of modification in order for them to operate effectively. Sometimes a program may unwittingly contain an intrinsic defect. This may cause the program to malfunction. It may also interfere with other computer programs, with which it comes into contact. Also, if the original program makers neglect the new program they have made, again it may not function as originally planned.

   Many people believe than when a computer program has run its time and self-destructs that that is the end of it. Fortunately, all the computers are connected to the host computer. This has a copy of the program being run together with a copy of what appears on the VDU.

   On the host computer, all are sorted according to their type and any bonds between them previously established are maintained. Any program that had deliberately wronged another during its operational period is filed separately. However, any with intrinsic defects have these corrected by the host computer. While the majority were very happy with this arrangement, there were those who were dissatisfied with the filing system and the gulf between themselves and others who had run their programs effectively and assisted others to do likewise. From time to time, the host computer had assisted in producing its own advanced programs to help out. These were accepted by some and rejected by others.

   Eventually the programs became so sophisticated that they were able to spot and correct their own intrinsic defects. This resulted in a very long period of stability and smooth running. It was known however, that the hardware itself only had a limited lifespan, which although unimaginably long, one day the hardware would destruct and burst into flames. Fortunately, they had been told by the host computer that when the time came, they would have the means of transferring a lot of the files to a new hardware system, which at present was under construction some way off. For the time being, they were very content to have come of age as they had a lot to look forward to and appreciate.

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