Carole Lanham - Tribute

Winner of the Senior Mixed Competition in the BSF Tournament 2017 with David Brownlow followed by success in the final of the Cecil Cup Competition the same year.


When I heard the news at the end of my holiday I was absolutely mortified. How could this happen to a Committee member and bedrock of many years of the Meadow Hill Tennis Club? Carole was a regular member of the mixed team and Tuesday regular plus occasional Saturdays when she was not visiting her mother who has now outlived her. In the words of the song, "I wasn't expecting that."

Carole, I will miss your happy smiling face and the pleasure you gave to countless sets of social tennis.


No better mixed doubles partner for me in the Winter League than CL, such happy memories to keep me going.


Whilst I played tennis with Carole for only a few years, since I joined Meadow Hill, it was always a joy to be on court with her. Carole was so enthusiastic and that rubbed off on the rest of us - especially myself, Jeanette, and Roy when we had social doubles games. Carole will be greatly missed.


I can't remember how many years it is that I have been playing tennis with Carole, a great many now I think. Her enjoyment and enthusiasm for tennis has always made playing alongside her a pleasure and our off-court friendship will long be remembered. A lovely, lovely lady who will be hugely missed.


Since joining MH a few years ago I have been lucky to play tennis with Carole many times. Carole was a joy to play with; always keen, always competitive, always fun. Playing tennis on a wintery Tuesday morning muffled up in hat, gloves and scarf, seeing who could boast the most layers, will be a cherished memory amongst so many others. It has been a privilege to know Carole. She will be missed so much.


Carole has been one of the longest serving members of Meadow Hill, joining 26 years ago and playing regularly for the mixed team for many years, as well as a valued committee member. It was a great pleasure to play with her for all those years, and she will be sorely missed by all of us.

Marion and Graham

I have known Carole and her family for many years even before she was a member at Meadow Hill TC. She has always been a lovely person inside and out. Her smile and friendship was always sincere. She will be missed very much and always thought of with love by everyone who knew her in all walks of her life.

Shirley Sharples

Carole has been the best tennis partner you could wish for, alway happy and cheerful with words of encouragement I will always remember her joy and amazement when we won the senoir mixed double title. This is a great memory. Thanks Carole. Dave